ELKOS d.o.o.

Office Kotoriba:
Sajmišna 17,
40329 Kotoriba

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Office fax: + 385 40 683 062
E-mail: elkos@elkos.hr

Office Čakovec:
O. Keršovanija 1a,
40000 Čakovec

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  • Shopping mall 'Arena' Zagreb - 180.000 m2Shopping mall 'Arena' Zagreb - 180.000 m2Shopping mall 'Arena' Zagreb - 180.000 m2
  • Konzum: shopping centar, ZagrebResidental and commercial shopping complex 'Kvaternik'Shoping mall 'Arena' Zagreb - 180.000 m2
  • Production hall with a transformer station 'Ytres Varazdin'Calzedonia (Ytres): business - manufacturing facility, VaraždinProduction hall with a transformer station 'Bomark pak'
  • Production hall with a transformer station 'Bomark pak' Julia mill: mill, KotoribaProduction hall with a transformer station 'Bomark pak'


Our team of experts consists of engineers specialized in automation, SCADA, and KNX systems for which the company has the status of partner. With confirmed experience in: water wells, pump stations, drier station and crop transportion, heating stations, mills maintenance and swimming pool techniques. Distinguished projects:


Building automation:

  • Energy savings
  • Reduced maintenance costs for buildings
  • Increased commodity in life standard and work
  • Increased employees productivity in commercial buildings

Implemented supervision and SCADA systems:

  • Heating, cooling and ventilation
  • Lighting systems
  • Access control systems
  • Parking control systems
  • Fire protection systems, video surveillance

Automation in industry:

Creating solutions for various segments of automation in manufacturing processes.
Solution designs for segments of production process automation.
Optimization of automation processes.
Distribution switchboards for automated systems.
Searching for better solutions for existing automation systems by optimization and required modifications.


Modification of existing automation systemss according to new requirements.
Full technical support starting from design to system startup and its maintenance.
Implementation of supervision systems with related data storages and data presentations.
Industry process visualization.


  • Automation