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  • Shopping mall 'Arena' Zagreb - 180.000 m2Shopping mall 'Arena' Zagreb - 180.000 m2Shopping mall 'Arena' Zagreb - 180.000 m2
  • Konzum: shopping centar, ZagrebResidental and commercial shopping complex 'Kvaternik'Shoping mall 'Arena' Zagreb - 180.000 m2
  • Production hall with a transformer station 'Ytres Varazdin'Calzedonia (Ytres): business - manufacturing facility, VaraždinProduction hall with a transformer station 'Bomark pak'
  • Production hall with a transformer station 'Bomark pak' Julia mill: mill, KotoribaProduction hall with a transformer station 'Bomark pak'

Design and supervision

Activities include design, supervision and consulting in electrotehnics, thermotechnics and hydrotechnics. Company employees are certified engineers in electrotechnics and mechanics. Long term experience is the assurance for high quality in the areas of electrotechnics, termotechnics and hydrotechnics in industrial, business and civil buildings. All design solutions are in accordance with the existing law regulations, domestic (HRN) and international (IEC) norms and rules of profession.


Projekt design of electrical installations, thermotehnichs and hydrotechnics:

  • Preliminary ideas and studies
  • Preliminary design
  • Detailed design
  • As built documentation
  • Bills of quantities
  • Tenders
  • Elaborates

Documentation for the electrical installations:

Electrical high-currents:

  • Grid connection and power distribution
  • Low-voltage installations for all types of buildings
  • Automation systems in industry
  • Automation systems in buildings
  • Diesel power supply and UPS
  • Transformer substations
  • Lightning protection and ground potential equalization
  • Public lighting, indoor and decorative lighting
  • On-grid photovoltaic systems
  • Structured cabling
  • Technical security (video surveillance, fire protection, gas detection, burglary protection ...)
  • Smart house systems
  • Telephone installations
  • Audio / video intercom systems
  • Antenna systems and solutions
  • Sound reinforcement systems
  • Distributed telecommunication systems

Thermotechnics documentation comprises of:

  • Central heating installations
  • Cooling installations
  • Ventilation installations
  • Air conditioning
  • Water treatment
  • Gas installations

Hydrotechnics documentation includes:

  • Water plumbing installations
  • Wastewater systems

All documentation is made by using the newest software technology.

Expert supervision:

  • Onsite supervision of electrical installations
  • Onsite supervision of thermotechnics and hydrotechnics


ELKOS offers consulting in the field of electrical, thermo, hydro installations and energy. Advises its clients and suggests the best and optimal technical solutions in relation quality - price. An investor can use the consulting activities related to acquiring the status of eligible producers of electricity from renewable energy sources.